Observation Letter Received from MCXStock Exchange of India Limited   Click here

• The Company has made application to MCX Stock Exchange & Calcutta Stock Exchange for merger of 3 wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company viz Moonlink Tradcomm Private Limited, Genius Vincom Private Limited and Barbarik Distributors Private Limited with the Kirti Investments Limited.

The list of documents submitted with stock exchanges are annexed herewith :

  Annex A=01=14.02.2015=KIL=BR=APPROVAL-OF-MERGER
  Annex A=02=14.02.2015=MTPL=BR=APPROVAL-OF-MERGER
  Annex A=03=14.02.2015=GVPL=BR=APPROVAL-OF-MERGER
  Annex A=04=14.02.2015=BDPL=BR=APPROVAL-OF-MERGER
  Annex B=01=KIL=Declaration-to-MCX
  Annex B=02=KIL=Declaration-to-CSE
  Annex C -Accounting Treatment Certif-CSE
  Annex C -Accounting Treatment Certif-MCX
  Annex D - Net Worth Certificate
  Annex E - Brief Particulars of Companies
  Annex F - Scheme of Amalgamation
  Annex G - Valuation Report
  Annex H - Audit Committee Report
  Annex I - Fairness Opinion
  Annex J=01=MTPL=Shareholding Pattern
  Annex J=02=GVPL=Shareholding Pattern
  Annex J=03=BDPL=Shareholding Pattern
  Annex J=04=KIL=Pre-Merger Shareholding Pattern
  Annex J=05=KIL=Post-Merger Shareholding Pattern
  Annex K-01=2011-12=KIL=37TH=ANNUAL-REPORT
  Annex K-02=2012-13=KIL=38TH=ANNUAL-REPORT
  Annex K-03=2013-14=KIL=39TH=ANNUAL-REPORT
  Annex K-04=30.09.2014=KIL=BS-PL-SHD-SCAN
  Annex K-05=2011-12=BDPL=BS-PL=SCAN
  Annex K-06=2012-13=BDPL=BS-PL=SCAN
  Annex K-07=2013-14=BDPL=BS-PL=SCAN
  Annex K-08=10.10.2014=BDPL=INTERIM AUDIT REPORT
  Annex K-09=2011-12=GVPL=BS-PL=SCAN
  Annex K-10=2012-13=GVPL=BS-PL=SCAN
  Annex K-11=2013-14=GVPL=BS-PL=SCAN
  Annex K-12=24.12.2014=GVPL=INTERNAL AUDIT REPORT
  Annex K-13=2011-12=MTPL=BS-PL=SCAN
  Annex K-14=2012-13=MTPL=BS-PL=SCAN
  Annex K-15=2013-14=MTPL=BS-PL=SCAN
  Annex K-16=24.12.2014=MTPL=INTERIM AUDIT REPORT
  Annex L - KIL=Corporate Governance Report
  Annex M - KIL=Complain Report